We are 5P Group

We began in 2000 with one client.

We brought a passion for brands to the Australian POP industry. With this passion, we have grown a wonderful team of designers, manufacturers and clients who together, embark on daily journeys of building and nurturing retail brands.

Today, we still love what we do.
More importantly, we love working with those who love their brands too.

We are dedicated to Empowering brands at retail.

Retail Campaigns

We build engaging retail campaigns, retailer derivatives and consumer promotions that act as an extension of a brand’s core conversation as it ventures into different retail environments.

Campaign development commences with the BIG IDEA, ventures into concept design development and results in production, delivery and activation of one, or many, POS elements in-store.

View a selection of our Retail Campaigns here.

Retail Displays

Our award winning creative team has over 15 years experience in designing retail display concepts with WOW!

The success of our work is due to a thorough creative process which considers everything from the brand’s core values, shopper engagement, retailer environments as well as pushing the boundaries in functionality and production.

Today, our creative concepts reach into the far corners of the globe.

See a selection of our recent work here.

Prototyping, Production and Manufacturing

Our extensive network of trusted, quality-focused local and international manufacturers has been built over 25 years. Our broad range production capability gives us the capacity to produce any item from small semi-permanent and temporary POS solutions through to complex permanent display installations.

See our full range of manufacturing services here.

Storage and Logistics

To complete the journey, 5P manage a range of post-production services. These include:

  • Storage
  • Online rep reporting
  • Pick, pack and dispatch to store
  • Installations
  • Spare parts management
  • Inter-store display movements

Our unique, online ordering and stock management system, 5P XPRESS, is unrivalled and allows our clients to view stock on hand, stock movements, rep activity, retailer profiles, plus much more.

Learn more about 5P XPRESS here.