World class design

5P have celebrated many national and global design awards since conception in 2000. Our super talented design team, from across the globe, consists of brand directors, sketch artists, graphic designers, design engineers and of course, our clients.

Each one of us has a wonderful breadth of industry knowledge and experience across many FMCG categories. Most importantly, we LOVE what we do.

Our design mission is to push the creative boundaries whilst balancing the practicalities necessary for infield activations. All 5P designs are underpinned by our commitment to quality and safety.

We are world class.

Our design process

Concept design development

There’s no need for our clients to provide a lengthy brief. Often a 5 minute chat results in a mind-blowing concept!

We begin with a brainstorm of minds from our creative, production, in-field and engineering teams. From here, concepts are developed and reviewed by all. The result is a beautifully rendered sketch or 3D concept ready for your retail presentation.

Our designs get retailer buy-in

Working with many brands in various retail channels (eg pharmacy, grocery, pet, hardware) ensures our designs have great retailer-fit. For example, we know various retailer height restrictions, material preferences, aisle policies and brand guidelines INTIMATELY! This knowledge ensures our designs hit the mark each time.

With retailer approval of the concept, our Design Engineers produce production drawings ready for Prototyping. Depending on timing, Prototyping is either undertaken locally or overseas. Often, a client will undertake a small production run for a trial. Following a successful trial run, and /or prototype, we proceed to factory-direct manufacturing locally or overseas.

More information about our Global Manufacturing here.